The Academic Quarter is a digital publishing project that brings together social science researchers, actors and illustrators in order to popularize anthropology, giving the general public access to theoretically grounded and deep-rooted resources, which usually have limited circulation to the academic community. The debut collection of the Academic Quarter platform includes 40 articles, each accompanied by a podcast version and an illustration inspired by the content of the text.

Thank you to Maria-Rădan Papasima for the invitation to collaborate on three cover illustrations that depict the theme of each research paper.

From left to right:

Dr. Iubire-Stranie sau Cum am învățat să nu mă mai îngrijorez și să iubesc evoluția naturală în antropologie


Munca pe platformă digitală: Promisiuni și realități


Me and my Kidney

written by Andrei Mihail /Moto-mobility, technology and subjectivity
written by Gabriel Jderu / Toursim and imaginary cultural heritage in the Danube Delta

written by Alexandra Dincă

Sfertul Academic


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