A series of poster exhibitions organized by Posterjam and various partners.

Sole&Shape OFFBEAT 2

The Power of Storytelling

Made(E) in Romania

Activism Jam

Sole&Shape OFFBEAT 3

Created for Posterjam

Virtua Runner 3000

part of Sole&Shape x Posterjam Offbeat no.2

photo by Andrei Grosu

The truth shall set you free

part of the Power of Storytelling Conference

Bucharest 2018

The Alexa Monologues

Racnet 2.0  created by Graphicfront as part of the Mad(E) in Romania event 

Timisoara 2018

Warming Warning 

part of   Activism Jam a  showcase of 20 posters based on the word "Activism". We made a special Offbeat Edition with A4Activism & Creionetica

Bucharest 2018

Electrik Dreamz

part of Sole&Shape x Posterjam Offbeat no.3

photo by Andrei Grosu

Change is a constant part of Edge Talks Cluj 2019

photo by Vlad Cupsa

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